Great News!
WorshipTrac is now part of ChurchTrac!
We've taken everything greate about WorshipTrac and added it to ChurchTrac, our complete church management software solution. Visit to create a new account and to see all our new, enhanced worship planning and scheduling features!

Plan Worship Right.

Freeing up your time so you can freely worship.

Everything your team needs to be ready for worship

Song Library

One place to keep all your songs and create collections.

Service Planning

Build and edit a service from a template or from scratch.

Team Scheduling

Easily communicate with your team and eliminate confusion.

Worship Tools

Go beyond the planning and learn how to prepare for worship.

Plan worship right;
Do worship better.

Some worship leaders spend hours each week coordinating schedules, outlining service, and planning rehearsals. WorshipTrac saves you time so you can focus on leading worship.

Create Worship Outlines

Quickly create a detailed outline of your service, attach notes, view files and links.

Schedule People

Send Invites and let each team member know their role or instrument for each service.

Plan Rehearsals

Keep everyone on the same page with practice times, locations and roles.

Easy To Use

From the makers of the award-winning easy-to-use ChurchTrac...We've created a tool to make worship planning a breeze, not a burden.

Affordable Pricing

Priced to fit in your budget, not break it. Plus, our prices are transparent. Every plan includes tech support.

Unmatched Support

You won't have to wait days to get an answer to your question. We respond to any issue in less than 1 business day.

We Know You

We know you because we are you. WorshipTrac was designed and coded by worship leaders, for worship leaders.

Schedule Team Members.

Bobby is on your worship team. You've scheduled Bobby for next Sunday....but will he be there?

With WorshipTrac, you'll know the answer. Bobby can enter the dates he'll be out of town or unable to serve. Plus, when you schedule Bobby, he gets and email or text message that asks him to confirm his attendance for the worship service and rehearsals. The application shows you who has confirmed, and who is unavailable so you can make adjustments. Plus, when Bobby confirms, he's able to view the service outline, download music and media, and send messages to you or other scheduled team members.

The best planning puts God at the center of worship.

As worship leaders, our ultimate goal is to lead others in worship. While it may take hours of preparation and rehearsal to pull off a single worship event, no tool is a substitute for the preparation that happens in the heart of the worshiper.

WorshipTrac includes daily tips, scriptures and reminders that help us, as worship leaders, to keep our focus on what's most important...our relationship with Christ. Without this, our "worship" is nothing more than a vain performance or clanging noise. Our prayer is that WorshipTrac will be more than the tool that helps you plan worship, it will be the tool that helps you be a better worshiper.

Manage Your Worship Library

Your song library contains all the music you use or plan to use. You can quickly add a new song to your library manually, or import from SongSelect. Attach chord charts, sheet music, audio files or links to your songs, then use your songs in planning worship.

Organize Songbooks

Put your music into Collections, which are like a virtual song books...or real song books.

Find Anything

Locate a song by searching titles, tags, key signatures, lyrics and more.

Upload and Link

Attach PDF and Audio files to your songs, or add a link to an external page, like YouTube.

Import from SongSelect

Import songs, lyrics and chords from your CCLI SongSelect subscription.

Create Tags

Tag your songs to quickly locate based on topic, genre, style, season...anything really.

Mark Your Favorites

Star your favorite or frequently used collections and songs for quick reference.

Ready to start using WorshipTrac?